The Pet Pantry in Exeter NH is the proud creators of the Better Than Bones dog treats. ProductStand These treats were made by us out of necessity.

Our years of experience in canine nutrition meant we stocked the best foods and treats available.  We had a large customer base buying grain free foods based upon specific protein requirements to maintain their health. These customers were not able to continue to provide their dogs with treats because we were not able to obtain treats to sell in our store to meet these customer’s requirements.  All the existing grain free treats utilized a meat base to replace the grains normally found as the base in dog treats.   We decided that we would have to create our own treat line without using meats or grains in the recipe.  We used human grade, all natural ingredients with garbanzo beans as the base, replacing the meats and grains.  It took us over two years to create a dog treat that would provide beneficial ingredients as well as a great taste.   Better Than Bones is a unique product line and the first of its kind.  Another year of product testing at our store assured us that we had a product ready for distribution in larger markets.

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